Varsity Coaches

Anna, Cari, and Chelle

Varsity Head Coach Chelle Miller and Varsity Assistants Cari Harrison and Anna Jesse Colasuonno have been head coaches, played for Division 1 programs, competed internationally, and worked with hundreds of athletes and students. Now we  come full circle to what we consider our “home” and greatest purpose: building on the incredible legacy of the Bellarmine Girls’ Basketball program. 

Coach Miller and Coach Harrison were both head coaches at Bellarmine  in the late 1980’s through  the early 2000’s. Coach Jesse coached at Holy Names in Seattle, the Seattle Magic, Concordia University, and has spent the past 20 years working with the Portland Trailblazers. Both Coach Miller and Coach Jesse played their high school basketball at Bellarmine Prep! 

All three of us are returning to coaching because we are committed to the LION MODE mentality!

We are coaches who completely buy into LION MODE – We love the process of coaching and competing.  LION MODE is a mentality that we hope you witness when you watch the Bellarmine Girls’ Basketball team compete. It is a mentality based on pushing our teams  to never settle for mediocrity. It is a mentality that requires full commitment about being the very best version of who they are every day. Every moment. 

LION MODE  is a more modern version of the Jesuit values that motivate us and guide us as coaches, athletes, parents, and supporters: 

MAGIS- A commitment to seek out what is best for the team and pursue excellence for the greater good. Always be a source of positivity and encouragement! When we are pushed this season, we will commit ourselves to believing and pursuing the truth that we are truly capable of more than we ever imagined. We can only do this if we believe in ourselves and each other. 

AMDG- Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – A commitment to see the good and the possible in every impossible situation. AMDG is an attitude of service – however, whenever, and wherever needed. 

UNITY – of Heart, Mind, & Spirit – A commitment to developing my whole self so I can lead our TEAM toward UNITY… this requires an openness to others and humility.

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