Our Vision

Bellamine Prep Girls’ Basketball Vision
Our Core Values

MAGIS- A commitment to seek out what is best for the team and pursue excellence for the greater good. Always be a source of positivity and encouragement!

AMDG- Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – A commitment to see the good and the possible in every impossible situation. AMDG is an attitude of service – however, whenever, and wherever needed.

UNITY – of Heart, Mind, & Spirit – A commitment to developing my whole self so I can lead our TEAM toward UNITY… this requires an openness to others and humility.


Love the process. The goal is the process.

It’s all about MENTALITY!

Control the Controllables.

Cultural Architects vs. Cultural Assassins

Cultural Architects ask, “What can I give?” to the team.
– my best effort, a positive attitude, sacrifice for the team, lead by example….

Cultural Assassins bring an attitude of “What can I get?” to the team.
– more playing time, attention, choose when I want to work hard, focused on how things affect ME, not the team.

Program Goals

Hard Work

Coach Commitment

*Always value each player both as an individual and as a member of the Bellarmine Girls’ Basketball Program
*Always provide open, honest, and clear communication with players with the goal of helping them develop as a player and as an integral member of the team
*Always hold our players to a high standard of excellence, both on and off the court – MAGIS, AMDG, and UNITY
*Always encourage healthy relationships between coaches and players built on mutual trust and respect
*Always focus on teaching the fundamentals of basketball
*Always remember that high school basketball is supposed to be fun

Player Commitment

*Always be fully present and engaged!
*Always allow yourself to be coached–both on your strengths and your weaknesses
*Always be open to growth and development, both as a person and a player
*Always be respectful and inclusive with your teammates and coaches
*Always be early–if you are on time, you’re late
*Always put team first – MAGIS, AMDG, and UNITY

Parent Commitment

*Always be your daughter’s biggest fan
*Always talk positively about every player, opponent, referee or coach
*Always keep our vision of MAGIS, AMDG, and UNITY at the forefront of your interactions within our basketball family
*Always have your daughter communicate directly with the coaches about any questions or concerns
*Always know the coaches are committed to your daughter, the team, and to Bellarmine Prep

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